The Tomb of Safdarjung

A tomb is a tomb is a tomb. Isn’t it? Apparently not for royalty, and noblemen. It was a symbol of remembrance, as also an expression of wealth, power, clout. But that’s not all, they also espoused art, architecture, culture.⁣

While there have been royal tombs galore throughout history, perfection was probably achieved in the subcontinent with Humayun’s tomb, now a UNESCO World Heritage site in New Delhi. And then they went beyond perfection with the inimitable Taj Mahal. ⁣

Did I say inimitable? Royals post Shahjahan did flirt with the idea of replicating the Taj for their own mausoleums. Yet, either it was the lack of funds, or imagination that undid all the plans. ⁣

Safdarjung tomb (b. 1754) was one such failed attempt at replicating the Taj. But it’s beautiful in its own right, isn’t it? Not only beautiful, it’s unique too in being perhaps the only tomb of a Vazeer (Prime Minister, not a royal) that has its own estate/complex. Safdarjung after all was more powerful than the then Mughal emperor. But that’s a long story. May be some other day..⁣

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