I will be there someday

Don’t you look down upon me⁣

I won’t be here forever⁣
You weren’t there always⁣

I have been watching you day after day⁣
Your hum getting louder as years have passed⁣
Your gait more majestic as you glide away⁣

I have been craning my head ⁣
Twinkles in my eyes as I catch your glimpse⁣
Wondering if I’ll ever reach you⁣
Cupping my face⁣
As if masking my passion, delirium and dread⁣

I sometimes draw you on paper⁣
Looking at it under the halogen⁣
Yes I love you⁣
But I also hate you⁣
It seems as if you too are looking down upon me⁣

May be it’s my insecurity⁣
I am scared, for I may fail⁣
But then, I owe myself ⁣
I am the one that’ll give wind to my sail⁣

I am chipping at it, bit by bit⁣
I will be worthy someday⁣
Till then I’ll continue to dig deeper, ⁣
proud, for myself, holding my sway⁣

It’s just a matter of time⁣
Nah, it’s just a matter of will⁣
Whatever it is, I will be there someday⁣.. 

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