Flow like the River

I sat by the river⁣
staring at the tall mountains⁣
That lay beyond the river, the trees & the meadow⁣

The peaks, they were shining bright⁣
Admiring clouds dancing all around,⁣
themselves holding tight⁣

The meadow spread out gloriously ⁣
Welcoming all who would glide over, ⁣
or stop by, building castles or lair⁣

Trees stood constrained, yet merry, chatting the evening away, wind in their hair⁣

And the river, she would never stop. She irrigated the meadow, nourished the trees. ⁣ ⁣

She smiled at the mountains, who admired their girth in her crystal waters every day, as she quietly made her way, playfully, with the breeze.⁣

They were all in harmony. There was no conflict.⁣

And it dawned upon me. I too was a river. My family my mountains, friends my trees, the society my meadow. I could also flow in balance, and always- my way!⁣ 

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