Flying above the Himalayas!

I watched @missionimpossible : Fallout yesterday, and was really excited to see Ladakh (rather a part of it- Nubra valley) so beautifully captured. That helecopter chase sequence between @tomcruise and @henrycavill was absolutely enthralling!

All memories of my previous trip to Ladakh came gushing back to me. Inspired by the movie, I dug out my album soon as I reached home. Here’s an aerial shot of the region taken by me from the airplane.⁣

As soon as the plane glides over this Himalayan region, the entire plane-full of wide eyed humans go berserk. Cameras come out in a jiffy and hundreds of drool worthy snaps are taken with such hurry that you would be excused if you think that their life depended on it. It’s pure magic! But it’s just a precursor of what’s in store upon landing.⁣

PS: I have quite a few aerial shots of Ladakh which I’ll put up in my stories today. Do check that too. ⁣

I’ll go back to my mundane life now. Ciao..😊

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