A Beautiful Game of Polo in New Delhi

“Playing Polo is like playing Golf during an earthquake”- Sylvester Stallone⁣

He couldn’t be farther from truth. To the uninitiated, it may look like lazy royals making stallions do all the hard work while enjoying a game similar to Golf, or Hockey for that matter.⁣

Yet, look closer and you see as much preparation and toil as any other sport. There’s a caretaker for every horse, sometimes doubling up as a player too. The reputation of a the caretaker/groomer precedes that of the guy who dons the saddle on the ground. Careers are built around how well a horse is taken care of and trained.⁣

And it’s beautiful to watch. Toned muscles of the stallion twitch and turn at a frantic pace. Yet there is a certain stillness in the eyes of the player, somewhere between a monk and a hawk. He constantly guages his opportunities and pounces with unbridled pace as soon as the ball lands within his span, only to be whacked into the post! Such joy!⁣

PS: While it’s exhilarating to watch, not many are witness to it due to the egalitarian air about the sport. Time we made it more accessible. ⁣

When in New Delhi, go watch a game at the Jaipur Polo Grounds. If not for the sport, for those drool worthy stallions with their flowing manes.

Game of Polo

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