The Magic of Mahabodhi Temple

While I was more contemplative looking at the Buddha beneath the Bodhi tree (previous post:, I can’t express my joy at being witness to the magic that unfolds at the serene Mahabodhi Temple as dawn breaks through the dark.

There’s hope all around. People- monks, locals and tourists- have a spring in their feet; as daylight caresses the golden stone of the temple, gently nudging away the halogen of the night.

Monks from all over the world, toss away the mask that is the colour of their skin and get ready to pray, to be one with the common creator.

We were lucky to be right inside the garbha-griha (Sanctum Santorum) as two young monks latched the doors from the inside for the first prayers of the day.

I can’t forget the goosebumps I had drowning in the music of collective chants as the head priest indulged in changing the attire of the Lord..

It’s one of those destinations in India, which is a must visit in my opinion. Would be happy to answer any question around the place, how to go and what to do.

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