Looking Out the Window

Looking out the window
I saw an alluring little flower.
It was delicate, warm, purple,
Holding on to the morning dew.
Never wanting to let go
Never wanting to die

I wanted to pick it up
Hold it in the base of my palms
Christen it Cheerio.
But I hesitated 
Unsure, Unstable, Underpinned

I was behind a wall
With a window
That was shrinking
As I watched transfixed, motionless, sinking.

But then a gentle finger, coupled with a frail thumb picked up the flower-
Fresh as ever, dew on top
Delicate, warm, purple.

I was stunned into silence
But a storm was just brewing;

Mindful, the wall collapsed
All I had was the window
Its rims thinning
All I had to do was nudge it away.

I was ready
I was still crazy
I went ahead
Out the window
My gaze searching Cheerio

And there I was
A path right ahead
True it had curves
I couldn’t see through
But I did see what lay beyond

A realm more beautiful than Wonderland
With flowers strewn all over
On trees, fence and earth
Glittering in warm sunlight
Happy they could bloom unhindered
Mountains watching over them
As the sky blessed them ample

I took a step
Joyous and thrilled
I was the golden deer
Ready to get lost
Full of hope, sans fear… .

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