Happiness at Corbett National Park

Happiness comes from within. I was at Corbett National Park earlier this year, by the banks of Kosi.

Look at Junior. She is standing on uneven, unforgiving base. I have tried crossing this river. Trust me sinister old pebbles hide in these waters, patiently waiting to prick your feet as soon as you bestow your trust upon them. If they are feeling benevolent, they’ll simply slip away quietly as you struggle to stand still.

If that weren’t irritant enough, Darwin’s favourite apes from concrete jungles throng in herds, and make their way up Junior’s considerable girth, latching on to her thick skin, for their dear lives.

Junior has learnt from Senior not to express her disapproval of these Luddites. They destroy their own habitat afterall. They in fact need sympathy and a lesson in being one with nature.

So Junior ambles ahead, carefree and merry, as she admires the deep woods that carry so many secrets, including some of her own.

She picks up a few leaves on her way to munch, and washes them down with fresh water from the stream. And then as she admires the beautiful landscape, skies and the Sun, she just snorts some ticklish water and and throws it towards the bright warrior above in wanton abandonment… .

PS: This picture was taken on the banks of the Kosi river at the outskirts of Corbett National Park Uttarakhand. I was happy watching Junior as she went about her playful banter. Both of us were happy in our own little worlds, from within..

Have you visited Corbett? What’s your favourite Corbett moment?

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