How I fell in love with Time-lapse Videos


I have acquired a new found love for time-lapse videos.

I say acquired, for I never was able to visualise anything in fast-forward. While my brainy classmates would excel as mental maths, I was a sucker for solving problems step-by-step. And god forbid if I missed one step, it would mess up my whole day.

I even disliked fast-forwarding movies when our family would rent VCRs in the good old 90s. Cut to the present, when I got to see the now ubiquitous time lapses, I was intrigued, yet shit scared. It’s like warping time itself, a bit like Flash running through time and space. How could you not get distorted! God, would I be dizzy?!

But no, I had to get a feel of it. And what could be better than experiencing it amid the playful tussle between puffy yet fluid clouds jostling for front row seats with sparkling yet squirming sunlight, as it headed towards twilight. Greens and hills were only too happy to lend catalystic support. 

Thus came about my labour of love. Could I have done better? Of course. But hell, isn’t the first one always special?

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