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10 emotions we are swamped with after a vacation

I just returned from a refreshing trip to the hills. It was great while the vacation was on. But then, you know, a man’s gotta do what a man gotta do. And a man gotta Return. I was swamped with a range of emotions cutting across happiness and sorrow indices, as soon as I put my backpack below the train seat. Here are my top 10, in no particular order. 

  1. My Bed! My Bed!- jump, crash, dream..

Trust me there is no prettier sight than a reunion with your comfy bed. Granted hotel beds may be more plush, but those are more like one-night stands. You always want to come back to the real deal, don’t you? And if you have been camping or crashing in hostels, your own bed is like the crown jewel. I would kill for it..

Crashed on my bed post vacation

2. Should I crash JLT or shower first?

It’s such a conundrum. Often I prefer the former, but the better half thinks otherwise..

Shower or Sleep?


3. Why Am I Back? To-the-rigmarole

When the high of your own bed veers off, you hit the ground reality with a thud! Gosh, why I am I even back! Why couldn’t I stay forever in the hills or on that beach? Duh, why do I even have to make money? I can live on less.. But, yeah, well, city life sucks..

Back to the Rigmarole

4. Kapde Dhone Padenge…

WTF? Have to wash so many clothes. Whether you are a light packer or someone who carries the wardrobe along, you must be grunting cursing yourself. There’s nothing more inane than throwing that pile of soiled linen into the washing machine. Worse still, if you have a semi-automatic one. Could’ve spent those 5k extra, isn’t it? And god bless if you don’t own one..

Washing Clothes sucks

5. Office Jana Padega…

WTF-squared? Why do I even have to earn? Monkeys don’t work.. I’m gonna kill someone today… Blah…

Why do I have to work


6. Where’s the Newspaper?

The news junkie in me is starved by the end of the holiday. Granted you can read news while on the move. But the smell of paper.. that’s another high..

News Junkie


7. Instagram Karna Hai!

I am having a major existential crisis now. Clicked hundreds of drool worthy pictures. Or did I? Loved hundreds then. Love none now. Which ones to put up on Insta? God, what will people think of my photography skills? Sheh.. I am having a panic attack now..


8. Ghar ka Khana!

Yayy. Home cooked food never tasted better. ‘Nuff said.

Home cooked food

9. TVvvvv…

The idiot box must have missed me. Or is it the other way round?..

Watching TV

10. Need to change the bedsheet..

for the OCD types. All married ones have at least one partner like this. Mostly the better one..



Bonus: Let’s Plan for the next trip. Like seriously!?! Bring it on Baby…

Plan a trip


Do you feel other emotions? Please share in comments. 

And do share ahead if you relate to my post.



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