Bicycle Ride to Delhi International Airport

Morning bicycle ride

 With the weather just perfect in March in Delhi, it’s one of the best times to be out on the streets, especially in the mornings. A gentle wind caresses your face, while your eyes admire the pink bougainvillea all around. Your gaze is disturbed only by the many leaves strewn all around, and the loud yet soothing chirps of numerous avians. It’s the perfect time to take your bicycle out.

We decided to take the picturesque road to Terminal 3 of the New Delhi Airport this fine morning, and came back refreshed and charged up.

Do watch the video and let us know your feedback.

2 Replies to “Bicycle Ride to Delhi International Airport”

  1. Nisheeth

    Seeing such empty roads fills me with nostalgia about the good old days.
    The video is so nicely done, it reminds me of the days when it used to be just me and my friends on our bicycles.
    The route is also amazing, will go on a ride on it soon.

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